Friday, November 13, 2009


I awoke at 4 am and again at 5. My body was buzzing. So was my husband's. It took over 1/2 an hour after waking for the buzzing to slow down and no longer be noticeable.

Focus? Are you kidding. I just wondered around the house all day. Moving from surfing the web, emailing, cleaning a pile of dishes, fiddling with some laundry. Finally, I just resigned myself that it would just have to be that kind of day. The energies were just to intense to function well in daily life. So I drank some water and enjoyed myself.

Before my group clearing, I went to meditate and wondered if I could even focus on that. But, with clear intention that my body would "do" whatever it needed to do to get ready to be in happened. It? Heck, I don't even know what "it" is. I breathed. Focused on my breath. I was breathed. My breath took on a consciousness of its own. I remember saying to my body "its time to come back". But where was I that I needed to come back from? I said, "find your your eyes." I couldn't find my eyes. Finally, my eyes opened. "Find your hands...find your body." Wow! I went way out there.

11 woman counting myself were in attendance at my 11.11 Group Clearing. 1 little girl and 1 guy (my own husband and child). Quan Yin came through strong and clear straight out of the shoot. The energy of compassion wrapped us and lead us deep into our power centers and hearts. Owning our power and honoring it was a big theme along with allowing the remembrance and awaking to our true selves. The clearing went very smoothly, allowing each person to release old limiting beliefs designed to suppress creativity, expression, and joy. Tears streamed down faces as the energies shifted. Back pain presented during the clearing around lack of support and the letting go of limiting thoughts, beliefs, and judgements about asking for support. Gold particles were breathed deeply in and a gold ball of light was brought down through the crown or through the heart deep into the power center. Then the gold balls expanded out to include each participant. All was well. All was still and quiet.

I felt so blessed and honored to facilitate such a beautiful and powerful clearing. The support from those in the other realms was palpable. I thank all those that stand in support of our growth, letting go, and movement forward.

The night of 11.11 was wacky. I awoke almost every hour starting with the minute after 11.11 at 11:11 pm. My dreams were wild, vivid, and full of images from the past. I stand in wonderment of what it all means.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Letting Go Easily Group Clearing

A powerful, beautiful group of woman attended Kelly's Group Clearing today. We started by solidifying the group energy and setting the parameters for our healing and release session. A gazebo in gold was built with breath held by a gold ball in the top center of the room. Green light connected each person from the center of each heart to the center of the circle of woman. Freedom and the integration of the true self was the theme. All the ways, through all space time and dimensions that we had enslaved ourselves was activated for release along with the expectations placed upon ourselves. The energy continued to swirl and move and clear quite rapidly. Tears flowed down faces and the denial of the goddess energy or divine feminine activated and begged for clearing. At this point the group clearing shifted in intensity.

D in the group began to experience shivers, coldness, heat, shaking and back pain. It became obvious that she agreed at the highest level of her being to be the conduit of release for the group. She experienced physical manifestation of the release being cleared by the group. K held the energy as healer. She was to extract "splinters and stakes" of energy penetrating her energy field. It look like the front of her body had been in a shrapnel blast. K pulled each "splinter". J held the energy of releasing the sadness in the group. It was as if tears washed over her whole body during the session. P anchored the group and became strong as steel. S held the energy of compassion. A held the refreshing and rejuvenating color of light blue that encircled the group. V & SD held the energy of healing. The group healed wounds ancient and fresh, let go of ideals, expectations, and cultural overlays. It was a deep soul level release. Soul parts, pieces and fragments were identified, reclaimed and integrated.

I expect the group to continue to release over the next 4 days quite heavily and then integrate the changes now until the new moon.

Blessings and thanks to all who participated. It was truly the deepest group clearing I have had the privilege of facilitating.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Denial of the Divine Feminine

A beautiful young woman came for session yesterday. Her body requested that I work with her starting with the acupressure points on the feet. The right side revealed a past life with a broken ankle or severed foot that was calling for healing on the emotional level. Everything seemed smooth and on target until I touched the left foot.

There was no movement on the left side of the body. This vibrant and radiant woman was in complete denial of her divine feminine. We moved into clearing beliefs, judgments, and thought form that where stopping, blocking, and condemning the flow of the feminine. Beliefs were crystal clear. "It is easier to be a man. It is complicated being a woman. It is not safe to be a woman. Woman are silly and not respected. I can't accomplish what I am here to do in the body of a woman." The list went on and on. Then the condemnation began. She was at war with herself. Her gifts as healer, empath, mother, wife, lover, nurturer, and connector were blocked up. This inhibits self love. There was no compassion which would hold a space for total self acceptance. We brought in the energy of Quan Yin and anchored the gold flowing ribbons of compassion through the meridians of the legs to hook in at the hip, ovary, spleen, breast minor, and vagus nerve point on the left side.

Self love and self acceptance will be the theme for a few sessions until we successfully balance the masculine and feminine energies. Peace with self will be the ultimate goal.


Implants and the extraction and transmutation of implants was something I had not given much thought to. I found the concept interesting and far reaching. But, then I had a couple of clients with implants that needed to be removed from the mental body.

The first time I encounter an Implant it was in a Muslim woman and it looked like a black box. It was huge suspended in the air off the right of the client. Its strong connection was placed like a tractor beam to the upper heart. During this session it was removed by opening a portal or tunnel and it just was whisked away out of this reality. It really was a weird session for me. I began to research other practitioners who had worked with implant extraction. A Shaman in Mexico and a Energy Physician here in Indiana gave me information regarding implants that was helpful.

The second time, what I saw look very different from a suspended black box. This time it looked like a silver coin with legs or prongs that embedded itself into the mental body. It was connected through the face into the inside of the head. I don't remember how it was extracted, but, I do remember that the client had head pain that lasted a day at the extraction site.

I have noticed as I write this post that the word I am working most hard not to mention is extraterrestrial or ET. All mentioned implants above were ET in nature. But, what I know is that there is so much I do not know. Would I say that this is Alien in nature? No. These are implants on the subtle bodies not the physical. So, I come to the conclusion that their are multidimensional beings that perhaps don't have our best interests at heart. Lets just say I am puzzled and in the question about how they got there.

Yesterday, I worked with a very unique woman. She is here for a very specific purpose on the planet and her awareness allows her to remember her origins and true star family. It was a session like no other I have had the privilege to facilitate. Most interesting to me was the unexplained head pain she has endured for several years. There was a implant attached through the front of the face that came to my awareness first. It would not detach. Then I followed an energy stream from the implant that went around through the back of the head. This implant was in two pieces. The first piece looked like a silver button with legs or prongs. This is similar to the implant extracted from the mental body in the second experience. The second piece looked and felt like webbing. Anyway, after all pieces where identified the implants were extracted. It took quit some time. The client said the head pain remained the same as before the session. I am interested to see how this session effects the pain in the physical body.

Interesting to me is that this client's body did not allow me to touch her. I worked off body the entire session. At the very end, I was allowed to touch her feet.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Grow Your Business

I worked with a business woman via a energy coaching call. Her life is working and she set up the session to create growth within her business and to create a sustainable income. After some discussion we moved into the energy work portion of the call.

A past life had remained fragmented. I called him Commander. He was responsible for sustaining a large group of people and failed due to the circumstances of the time. He vowed never to be responsible for such a large group of folks ever again.

With Release, Clear, and Transform Statements or RCT Energy Clearing we cleared the cellular memories associated with this past life that was held within the hip and leg of the right side. She cleared the vow to never work or be responsible for many people. Now it is possible to grow the business without this past fragment and subconscious belief inhibiting the conscious choice to expand the business.

Regarding the sustainable income, what was revealed was the easy of giving and a blockage around receiving. With breath work and RCT we cleared the blockages around receiving.

At the end of the call a clearly defined intention statement was formulated. It was a soul intention to be an open exchange and to give and receive freely. This allows for the conscious choice to create a growing successful business to occur effortlessly. I will be anxious to see what unfolds over the next two months.

What a cosmic session!

Today was a lot of fun! I worked with a young woman today who's life is really working. She comes for maintenance.

The session started with a bang. Her soul was very clear why she was coming to see me. Energy was moved like a sphere around the entire torso balancing the sacral and heart centers. This seemed interesting since I normally balance the sacral center with the throat center. But this new energy needed no direction from my studied techniques; it was wise and purposeful. The sphere encompassed the torso for 10 or so min...then Energy in a large bright orange cord or cable moved in from the vagus nerve point through the body into the uterus spreading into the ovaries. A large gold ball moved out through the sacral center was placed into the heart center. It exploded. Now the gold ball was egg shaped holding the body suspended within its center. A bright white high frequency laser type light moved from the top of the gold egg through the crown, in through the pineal and hypothalamus, penetrating the thymus and through the point where the connection was made in the uterus then moved out through the perineum and out through the bottom of the egg into the center of the planet. During different points of the session Release, Clear, and Transform statements were uttered to release blockages and resistance that was occurring within the body. The violet consuming flame was activated within the triangle of the three endocrine glands in the head. The soul was very clear in communicating that the purpose of the session was to activate that region of the head and clear out anything hindering this persons ability to hold that vibration within the world of form.

My interpretation of the session: It very cosmic in that the body became a hologram of the cosmos. We worked with integrating high vibration with the lower vibration of physical form. We integrated the spiritual work that had already occurred and brought it into the body and the lower centers. The gold ball that came from the sacral center integrated into the heart center included soul fragments and aspects that were ready. There was no need for speaking with each aspect and fragment as common in a shamanic soul retrieval. Many parts and pieces were integrated without words. The soul called for wholeness and it effortlessly integrated the pieces into the heart center without any emotional release through the body. It was also revealed during the session that she was to be the anchor for this new energy in her immediate and extended family. She was to be the first.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Shared Experiences

Some of my clients have left their session and said, "Who can I share this experience with? No one would understand." I encourage my clients to share their experiences!

Adoula - A Spiritual Midwife

I became a Certified DreamWalker Birth Adoula in December 2007, just one year after my son Logan was born. The changes in my vibrational signature during pregnancy, shifts in my gifts as an Energy Practitioner, and my awareness of the level of my unborn baby's consciousness prompted me to discover the process of how the consciousness of an incoming baby becomes fully integrated into that of a child.

Being on the path of choosing to be a fully conscious and aware individual, I experienced this last pregnancy differently than any of my previous ones. This time, I noticed that consciousness of the baby shifted tangibly during each trimester. I noticed shifts within the baby's own energy field during the pregnancy, as he weaned himself, began to walk, and turned two years old.

I discovered that I wasn't alone in the quest for knowledge regarding human consciousness and incoming new babies. In fact, I was blessed by something more. An association of new energy teachers dedicated to the elevation of human and spiritual consciousness had a certification program called DreamWalker Birth developed by Shaumbra Institute and Crimson Circle. Go to for more specific information on this international group.

Immediately, I noticed what was taught regarding the consciousness of an incoming (brand new) baby, from conception to two years old, correlated perfectly with my own experience. I quickly saw the benefit this information and work as an Adoula or spiritual midwife would have for my clients.

This Energy Work, designed and developed for these new babies coming to the planet, parents wanting to conceive, or parents who are expecting, is one of the most beautiful and sacred aspects of my work as an Energy Practitioner here in the Mid-West.

It is my desire and intent to assist more little ones coming into their little baby bodies achieve a graceful, easy, loving landing. I intend to work with parents who are planning or desiring to conceive to assist them to connect mindfully with their new baby before birth. This bonding allows for an easier transition for the baby and the parents. This work allows for the release of trauma, current or previous, which may
be experienced during the birthing process.

"I never would have had these amazing experiences with my baby if Jenny wasn't my Adoula. I am a physical person, not a spiritual one. She has a way of explaining things so they make sense and don't sound weird. Jenny was so flexible and accommodating that I wanted to make time for our weekly sessions."
- M.K., Science Teacher, Basketball Coach, Noblesville, IN

Written Feb. 2009 by Jenny Davis, Energy Practitioner, Certified DreamWalker Birth Adoula

About Jenny Davis, Energy Practitioner

Certified RCT Energy Practitioner, Certified Master of Crystology, Certified DreamWalker Birth Adoula, Traditional Reiki Master, Ordained Healer and Mystic, Spiritual Healer, & New Energy Teacher

My life naturally unfolded, as it was intended, to lead me to discover my passion and gift as a Spiritual Healer. Although a very spiritual person, being raised within an exclusive fundamental Christian religion, choosing to own my gifts as a healer has not always been an easy one.

At twenty, I began to work for an osteopathic physician who specialized in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. My 7½ years with Herbert C. Miller, DO were paramount to my education in holistic health. My experiences within the osteopathic community bridged allopathic thinking with a more holistic perspective. Later, my world view began to include alternative forms of healing.

In 2003, I enrolled in a group awareness program called Paradigm Discovery. This six month awareness training shifted and cleared my conscious beliefs that were inhibiting joy and happiness in my life. This program assisted me in shifting my world view from exclusive to inclusive and allowed for me to move from my head into my heart. Getting a college degree was always a deep desire, but it was discouraged by the church to seek higher education. My degree remained unrealized until 2006, when I graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University. I remain in gratitude for my strict Christian upbringing and slightly less strict Christian college experience, but choose an ever greater world view and awareness that allows me to work within dimensions unseen for the health and healing of those who come to me to receive my gifts.

In 2004, I discovered that I had a gift in perceiving energy. I met Dr. Cassandra Campbell facilitating a workshop I enrolled in called Heart Source-the Beginning. It was a beginning for me! When we were practicing a healing technique, I heard the energy move. This was the beginning of my awakening to my gifts and the beginning of my training as an alternative healer. I started practicing energy clearings immediately following this workshop. I began to quietly work on friends at no charge. Since 2004, Dr. Campbell has instructed, mentored, and led me to discover my own ways of healing and working with energy. For more information about Dr. Campbell, go to

By 2005, my soul was asking that I take action and own my gifts and declare myself an energy worker to the world. I finally became willing to surrender my corporate job and “security” of 13-plus years of successful medical and real estate office administration to open my healing practice full-time in January 2007.

My gifts continue to expand and shift for me as I work sharing my passion as an Energy Practitioner. I am blessed to have realized my gifts and to own them. I remain committed to assisting others in expanding their awareness, elevating their consciousness, and clearing pathways for intentional living.

Educational timeline:
Paradigm Discovery, AKA Beyond Your Best (2003)
Certified RCT Energy Practitioner (June 2004)
Psych-K Level I (November 2005)
INEH Esoteric Healing Levels I – IV (2005-Completed March 2009)
IWU – Associate Degree (2006)
RCT Energy Practitioner – Advanced Certification (June 2007)
Certified DreamWalker Birth Adoula (December 2007)
Certified Master of Crystology (May 2008)
Traditional Reiki Master (June 2008)
Ordained Healer and Mystic (August 2008)
Preceive, Trust, Be Workshop Co-facilitator (April 2009)
DreamWalker Ascension School (September 2009)
Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga Level 1 (February 2011)
Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga Level 2 (September 2011)