Wednesday, December 29, 2010

1.11.11 Process of Energetic Creation Group Healing and Energy Clearing

How is it that I have been unable or unwilling to recognize that which I am?

How is it that I have been unable or unwilling to allow the divine creative being that I am full access to that which I am?

Under what conditions have I held back from allowing the divine creator that I am full creative power to that which I am?

I choose to allow the divine creator that I am full and total access to that which I am.

This Group Healing and Energy Clearing will provide the context necessary to let go of deeply implanted beliefs such as the belief to look outside ourselves for the answers and for the connection to the divine. All we need is within. Perhaps these are concepts that are familiar and we agree with intellectually but the application of aligning our conscious awareness with our full being requires some attention.

This is an integration process of bringing spirit into matter, allowing our essence and divine creator aspect access to all that we are, removing the illusion of separation from the divine, recognizing our creative power, and using it to its full potential.

What will you create?

What will you birth in your reality with nothing holding you back from accepting and allowing the magnificent creator you are to be present for you?

I am a divine creator…now what do I choose to create?

Teleconference is available for this event.  Please RSVP for conference instructions.
$35 donation per person requested

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Syzygy Process

The definition of syzygy in the broadest terms is a kind of unity, especially through coordination or alignment, most commonly used in an astronomical sense. It is used to describe the alignment of three or more celestial bodies in the same gravitational system along a line. Usually this term is used in context with the Sun, Earth and the moon or another planet. However, in the world of energy healing, I have come to experience and facilitate a Syzygy Process. This allows for the alignment of the body, mind, and spirit in a very gentle fashion. Clients have described the process as very relaxing. Their awareness moves outside of this reality in such a way that allows me access all levels of their being so that this alignment process can be completed.

The first time I had an experience with the Syzygy Process was with a business man I had been working with for some time. The session was “normal” enough but as I lead G into deeper and deeper relaxation things became more complicated and specific in the instructions I was receiving in the facilitation of the session. He was directed to breathe deeply into the heart center. Four things happened and in my recollection I can’t remember in what order they occurred.

The light body became separate from the physical body and stood next to me for the majority of the session as the physical body lay on the table. My hands were on the heart and right shoulder of the physical body. A holographic projection moved out from the center ring of the heart in the light body. The center ring of the heart projected a gold ball or core that looked like a star or Sun. It expanded in all directions and became very large. From the center violet flame inside the light body, which is located in the center of the head, a different celestial body was projected. This looked more like a crystal orb which is the spiritual level with a bright white light in the center of it –smooth, translucent, and an expansive surface. From the core of the light body, a violet denser celestial body was projected. This had more of a feeling like a planet. This celestial body represented the manifestation of spirit in dense physical form. There were now three holographic projections coming from G’s light body.

It was strange to hold 5 levels of dimensions of reality in my mind at the same time: Physical reality with the body beneath my hand; astral with the light body standing next to me; the spiritual level of the reality of the crystal orb; and the heart level with the expansive Sun and the core level with the projection of the planet.

Then something interesting happened. I will attempt to describe it. From the core of the heart celestial star body, the violet flame crystal orb celestial body and the planet began to align with each other. It was as if a line of gold energy was flowing out from the core of the Sun into the crystal orb and into the planet. But the line did not stay stationary. They aligned for a moment. Then the planet was pulled “through” the core of the sun and expelled out the other side as the crystal celestial body was simultaneously pulled “through” the core of the sun and expelled out the other side. So the crystal orb and the planet traded places and as they both passed through the center of the Sun (aka heart center), all center points of all cores of the celestial bodies aligned on top of each other within the same space. So the alignment of the cores of all bodies was also experienced. It wasn’t just all three aligning in a line…the cores aligned on top of each other…like a synchronization of multi-dimensions of reality.

After this Syzygy Process was complete, the violet flame crystal orb celestial body collapsed within the center of the inner light within the head near or within the pineal gland of the light body. The planet also was pulled back within the center of the core of the home of the inner self into the sacral center. The Sun was collapsed into the center or the center of the core of the heart. The light body then reintegrated within the physical body of the client and the session was complete.

Now, after facilitating my first Syzygy Process it began to happen more frequently. I have led maybe half a dozen sessions now that I would classify as a Syzygy Process. They do vary slightly based on the early preparations within the session. Sometimes the light body is separated from the physical body during this process and sometimes not. Sometimes the celestial bodies align and then merge into each other with all core centers aligned within the same space and look super imposed over themselves. In size, the planet or core of the dense body is the smallest…just like a planet is smaller than the Sun. The Sun is then smaller than the Crystal Orb Celestial body.

Another session that is clear in my mind where I facilitated a Syzygy Process the client described her experience as being completely unable to hear, see, or feel anything that was occurring within the treatment room. I interpret this to mean her consciousness moved out into the expansive multi-dimensions of herself, completely outside of this reality and its limitations with time, space, and density.

My interpretation of this Syzygy Process associated with my work is that we are being asked at the level of our soul to fully embody who we are into all levels of our being and density. Spiritual knowledge and understanding is not enough. Thinking we are nothing but this physical form attached to this reality will prevent us from moving into the New Earth. We must integrate all of the spirit or soul into our physical form in this moment of now. There cannot be a disconnect between the body and the soul. The I AM that is held at the center of the heart is the key to this integration process. I am watching closely as I work with these new energies. I am being asked to follow my intuitive knowing over my training and what is written regarding energy healing. The new energies that are available are expansive and are so gentle in comparison with the old energies that were used in facilitating healing. However, I long for understanding of the mind to compliment the inner knowing of my heart.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Healing ...forgiving abandonment

I worked with a client this week who has struggled with becoming whole and healing her emotional wounds completely...This week we reached a major breakthrough with the forgiveness of her birth mom.

Here is her expression of her healing in this poem:

Eyes grow heavy
and breath short
Pain stabs
Aching in the bone

Oh momma
Im so sorry
So sad
You’re not here

Thank you
For telling me you love me
For kissing me
On the forehead

Oh mamma
You called me sweet child
Is that what I am to you?
No one has ever called me that.

Oh mamma
I know you’re gone
And that’s OK
Please hold me now

We’re connected again
I feel you
Such peace to have reconnected
Yet such pain to let you go

I feel so alone
I want to talk
I want to feel
But I am so scared

My missing you
is so big
and my memory of you
so small

Oh mamma
Please don’t leave me again
Just hold me
Be with me

Im so tired
Can I lay my head in your lap
Will you stroke my hair
Can I stay there til’ I sleep
And remain til’ I wake

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Transitioning from Piscean Age to Aquarian Age

Integration of Spirit into Matter
Piscean/Aquarian Age

Although there is debate on the exact dates of the shift from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age, it does not change the fact that we are transitioning into Aquarian Age. Within the Piscean Age, energies where denser and it was necessary for healing to use a mediator, healer, or teacher. As we move solidly into the Aquarian age each person has the ability to activate and utilize healing energies themselves. DK speaks of these shifts affecting the activation our telepathy body and all other levels of awareness until we become completely clairsentience.

Some of you who are practitioners in your fields may have noticed that it is easier than before to assist people in healing, wholeness, and awareness. Perhaps you may have noticed that as the practitioner you operate more as a coach instead of standing in the place as healer...or the person who moves or allows the energy to come into resonance. Now we open the space for the client/patient to allow for the energies to shift into wholeness and healing. Each person is responsible for their own ascension process. This does not mean that healers, teachers, and facilitators will not be needed. However, it does open a space for us to look at and consider our attachment to old paradigms.
The alignment of our planet within the galaxy and the cosmos shifts the way we utilize and access energies. DK comments on some of these shifts in association with the shift from the Ray 6 energies Devotion and Idealism into Ray 7 energy of Law and Order. DK did not write much on the influence of the rays in healing. However, it is a natural progression for energy to move differently within this shift…because the vibration that governs it is different. But those us that are alive and well as healers during this shift are experiencing the difference. Ray 7 influences the law and order of the relationship between spirit and matter. It is the ray that channels the Life Force through matter. I want to revisit this thought in a few moments.

Group Work

DK speaks of Group Work as being an important part of the Aquarian Age and of our ascension here on the planet. Next month the lecture will be much more detailed regarding DK’s writings on Group Work. But for the importance of this instruction we will touch on Group Work as it applies to moving into a new paradigm in our healing framework that is in alignment with the movement of energy from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age.

We are being drawn intuitively to our groups- those people who will support us through the upcoming changes in human consciousness and awareness as our planet ascends. It is important for those that we join and align with to be unified so that the work that is done within that group or framework can go out into the world affecting healing and positive change. However, without solidification and alignment within the group we inhibit the depth of healing we can invoke for ourselves and others and the world as a whole.


Meditation opens the body, the mind, and the soul to invite in spiritual knowing. Meditation offers the invitation for the soul to integrate with the body. Now, revisiting the statement I made earlier that Ray 7 influences the law and order of the relationship between spirit and matter. It is the ray that channels the Life Force through matter.
Now is the time to integrate our knowledge into matter. There can be a big disconnect between high spiritual knowing, knowledge, and our physical form. The top 3 centers can be full of this spiritual knowledge and through belief we actually inhibit our ability to integrate it into the lower centers. This prevents all of the knowledge that comes from studying to integrate into form. It also inhibits the high spiritual energies from the soul and higher from integrating into the heart and then moving into the lower centers so that it can be accessed through the sacral center and brought into the world of form or manifested in reality. This integration of spirit into matter is a very important part of our growth both personally and as a group


So, how do we do let go of old paradigms, integrate our own souls and spiritual knowing into our bodies, align and creating harmony within our groups …
The word is ALLOW.

BREATH – through breath we can shift our consciousness

TRUST – Take that first step in trust every day by centering into the heart

COMPASSION – Utilize this energy of compassion ~ it goes hand in hand with self acceptance.

Meditation assists each of us aligning with our soul, heart, and body so that we can utilize the energy of RAY 7 to integration spirit into matter. Then we will open a space for group solidification and unification so that the collective knowing of all in the group can be utilized by each individual in their own unique expression of it. The group alignment allows for us to acknowledge this shift from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age by recognizing that group work is important.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

House Blessing

A friend asked me to bless his apartment. I was traveling without my tools but said, "What the heck, sure". So as I tuned into the apartment, I knew I had to start outside. Standing in the hallway I began to prepare myself with breath. I have done toning before but this was different. It was like a deep gutter growling that came with each exhale. I would breath the blessing into the space opening a space for peace and coming abundance. I leaned into the door breathing the blessing as if to open a space like a gateway for the infusion of new energy to flow into the place through the entrance. I was granted entrance to the home. As I stepped inside I knew this blessing would be different. Normally, I would move through a home counter clockwise clearing space. But this was an infusion of new energy and an extraction of the negative for complete transmutation. I stood looking into the main space, breathing deeply with deep tones. If my memory serves, it was like three deep guttural breaths before the infusion blessing breaths would come. The blessing would have a light soft tone. If it were like swimming through air…I would breathe in and out the dark muddy thick murk and then gently caressing crystal waters. Interesting to me was the poses my body took. As I moved through the room, I moved from the front door to the window, one step at a time with pointed toe, alternating from standing on one foot with arms raised to stepping with pointed toe again. As I approached the window, I breathed out with growing breath tongue out. Then the words for the blessing came. As I blessed the second half of the home the positions and movements of breath were the same.

I was thankful I had locked the door so as not to be interrupted for I found the blessing strange enough. I can’t imagine how I would have felt being observed. It was definitely one of the strangest house blessings I have ever facilitated.

I am curious what energies assisted in the blessing. The poses made me wish that I hadn’t quit yoga. They felt Asian or Indian. The heritage of the previous apartment occupant is Pakistani and my friend is of Indian descent but hold no particular religious views. I am curious if the energies were pulled from the Muslim Pakistani or my friend’s heritage. As always, as I learn the more questions I wish could be answered.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Relationship Energy Alert

We are being called to redefine relationships. Who am I? How do I relate to myself? How do I relate to those I love?
This may sound wonderful and exciting. But the reality is much more difficult to navigate.
Perhaps you have noticed that you may have said something like, “I just want my relationships to go back to the way they were!” or “What use to work to fix things is only making matters worse.”
Who we are is changing. We are being called to love ourselves in a way we never have before. In this, all of our relationships around us are changing. It may feel like they aren’t changing for the better.
We get to let go of everything we thought we knew about our relationship with ourselves and those we love. We get to let go of how we have defined our relationships. We are bumping up against many old paradigms that are being cleared out of humanity at a cellular level. We can choose to fight against it with much resistance and pain or embrace it with ease and grace.
Well easier said than done, because it feels like our lives our falling apart at the seams. It looks like and feels like our relationships are in total breakdown. It is deceptive because it looks like the hiccup in communication is showing up in the other person. The reality is this shift is occurring within our own hearts and souls.
Join me for a group clearing and healing to assist in this transition and transformation at our very core. So easily and gracefully we can embrace who we are and learn to love ourselves in a way that we haven’t yet realized.
$35 per person
7:30 pm
April 28th 2009

Monday, February 15, 2010

Cord Pulling

On Saturday, I had the privilege of hanging out with my friends discussing love and life and matters of the heart. Unlike my sessions with my clients, when I work on friends the sessions can be a little more raw, informal, and unexpected. I feel this is because I am just trucking along in life enjoying great conversation not planning in any way to shift myself into healer or impose my insights regarding what is ready to be released. My place within friendship is to love my friends; if healing is requested and appropriate in that setting it occurs free flowing and without pretenses.
In this situation we were discussing friendship, trust, and love. I made a comment about the connections still in place between my friend and her past lover. She felt the relationship had been dissolved due to a breach in trust. However, in my ‘eyes’ the cords and cables between them where still in place. In fact, they looked no different to me than the cords of connection between an ex spouses. So, I had no intuitive ping that these cords needed to be extracted and eliminated immediately.
Her partner was participating in the discussion and made a small but very powerful comment that these cords needed to be removed. I looked closer. Wow. The cords ran deep into the mental plane. They connected into multidimensional levels of the chakra system, neurological systems, and included the endocrine system, along with the lymphatic system. This surprised me.
Immediately, the group of the four of us felt the presences and awareness of the prior lover who is very gifted in metaphysics. Very quickly I shifted into healer mode. My senses heighten. My breath shifted. I asked if she was willing to do the work to remove the cords of connection. She agreed and her partner agreed to help as did my own partner.
This is where it started getting weird. I facilitated her to breathe deeply into her heart center. The color blue came in calm and smooth through the crown of the head into the heart liquefying into fluid plasma of cobalt blue. As her body filled it became clearer that assistance was needed. Her partner extended out his consciousness to create a cocoon of spiderlike thread that extended from his spinal cord out and around the three of us.
After the cocoon shield was put in place around the three of us my ability to hear, see, and know heighten further.
The cord in the right hip coiled for around and around within the torso for 20 to 30 feet. I have never seen a cord inserted in so deeply and so long. When it was pulled out gently and unraveled it took a considerable amount of time. I found this interesting…not disturbing.
However the cord that entered through the right shoulder above the right breast was another story. It looped. I looked like a cord that just went to the heart. It did not. I pierced the entire torso and looped out the back shoulder blade and hooked in through the spleen. More fiber like cords extended up the spinal column and into the brain and pineal gland. Other fiber like cords extended down the spinal column into the tail bone traveling through the spinal fluid.
So when she began to pull the cord out of the right shoulder…we had to stop until it was taunt with the cord was that exited through the back of the right shoulder with the spleen. There was much RCT (Release Clear & Transform) that was required to loosen the cord going into the shoulder. Black tar was released throughout the body and went to the exit point on the front of the right shoulder. Then an implant was seen placed behind the right eye on the neuro-net. It was silver and flat. In real time it would look like a circuit board 2 inches by 4 inches….it connected into the pineal gland and had an off shoot that went down into the back of the brain and into the neck. I would describe it as spy ware on the mental plane. This did not want to be extracted. We paused. Metatron opened a yellow port hole that connected to the front of her face through the nose covering the entire right eye socket. Then these triangular clamps were released and the lower ‘chip’ from the neck was also disconnected. The implant was extracted into the portal with some pain and difficulty. Then after the implant was successfully extracted and transported outside this time space reality to its place of origin. Then a gold orb was dropped into her blue liquid body through the crown of the head and was brought into the body close to the spleen. This is the part that concerned me. There was a shield or repellent in place around the entry point of the spleen cord.
Then a guide stepped in to assist. I believe his name is David…He had a sweet Southern accent, a sweet feeling and quite humorous. However, he did not share his humor with me. It was all business. David gave me the antidote or spell to disable the shield put in place to extract the cord and its entire network of fiber cables connecting into all of the systems within her body. As soon as I received the ‘download’ the signal was scrambled. Why? How is that possible that someone would be intentionally disrupting my work? Was it intentional? Was it me? Why make the cords look like something that they are not? Why the implant? I have only seen implants like that installed into someone’s mental plane before from an ET - never a human being. I have never had that much trouble extracting and transmuting cords and cable. Never before have I seen a fine fibers linking into all aspects of the body and layers of it. So anyway, it took me three times to reestablish my connection with David. The statements came thru and the shield was disabled.
After the shield went down the gold ball moved to the interior of the body by the entry point and moved like mercury around the ties that were there to hold it cord in place. Then finally the cord was allowed to be removed…the gold ball sealed the top of the cord corking it. Then we pulled it out…back through the shoulder blade and out the front of the body. All cords were unwound and transmuted into white light.
Time for soul retrieval because we haven’t done enough yet have we! The center point of the heart began to rotate and glow brightly in gold. A request/command was submitted out to call back the parts, pieces, and fragments that were held by the ex in anytime space reality or dimension. They came like a cloud or cluster of dust particles forming into an orb above her head and were breathed deeply through the liquid cobalt blue body to sit upon the gold ring of the center point of the heart. Then it rotated very quickly until all parts and pieces where absorbed.
Then the gold ring expanded out in all directions outside of the body and created a light gold sphere suspending the blue body deep in its center. Then a high frequency cord, like an LED light, came down from high above penetrating the top of the sphere and moving through the pineal gland through the heart center. It anchored out through the body and bottom of the sphere going deep into the planet until it stopped deep within the earth’s core.
Session was complete.
Her partner said that he experienced entities lurking and watching the entire time. But none breached the barrier he created. Thank you for holding that space so we could work.
Exhaustion. We all were so exhausted.
My skin and her skin itched and were highly agitated. We both took salt baths. I fell into a deep sleep.
Today, my body hurts. I am sore. My body feels as if I have done hard labor. My back hurts very badly and I feel that my tissues are inflamed.

Friday, February 5, 2010


2010 has been amazing in my personal transformation. Each day is filled with personal introspection and epiphanies of self discovery. The roller coast of life gives me little time to document and journal each release of the boxes, beliefs, and limitations I didn't even realize were there calling for extraction and elimination.

These beliefs and paradigms are so old and so ingrained into the fabric of the human experience it feels as if the overlay is like a thin gauze, cob web, or layer of a cocoon. They are so old and so buried deep into the fabric of consciousness that it is a surprise to recognize it as limiting in any way. It has previously just been a given. It is the way it is. Except it isn't. That creates some very perplexing experiences. When I peer deeply into the overlay I can see it containing and restricting. When they are activated for release the molecular structure within my body changes. I see the imprinted overlay gently pulled out of each atom and proton, extracted from every level of my being, every part and piece that has ever existed or will exist. I am being reconfigured. Expansion into the this expression of love is redefining everything I thought I once knew.

After my session with Cassandra Campbell, Ph.D. on Thursday she made these comments:

We are falling in love with ourselves and birthing ourselves, our bodies and souls brand new into the divines of ourselves and the new Holy Divine Earth. Love beyond measure. The edges of laughter that is the sound of ecstasy is everywhere.

Falling in love with your Self is falling in love with others and life. It brings to us from the love of Life/God for the loving our Self for Itself the greatest love unimaginable before. The Presence of the love of self for itself manifests in the Presence of another that gives to us the reflection /manifestation of that love. Wishes and dreams become ecstatic moments of body and soul merging with the other’s body and soul. The dance of love is transformed into a depth of gratitude unphathanable before. How blessed we are to be in life like this.

Our most precious mind gradually gives way to the fulfillment of the promises of our Inner Holiness. That which was once unbelievable and unimaginable appears as a shimmering light creating before our very eyes grander and grander experiences of the sweetest love and expansion of life. Experience becomes a magical flow of tantalizing possibilities. The mind stops doubting and become the cheerleader for the next wondrous step.

For more about Cassandra go to