Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Healing ...forgiving abandonment

I worked with a client this week who has struggled with becoming whole and healing her emotional wounds completely...This week we reached a major breakthrough with the forgiveness of her birth mom.

Here is her expression of her healing in this poem:

Eyes grow heavy
and breath short
Pain stabs
Aching in the bone

Oh momma
Im so sorry
So sad
You’re not here

Thank you
For telling me you love me
For kissing me
On the forehead

Oh mamma
You called me sweet child
Is that what I am to you?
No one has ever called me that.

Oh mamma
I know you’re gone
And that’s OK
Please hold me now

We’re connected again
I feel you
Such peace to have reconnected
Yet such pain to let you go

I feel so alone
I want to talk
I want to feel
But I am so scared

My missing you
is so big
and my memory of you
so small

Oh mamma
Please don’t leave me again
Just hold me
Be with me

Im so tired
Can I lay my head in your lap
Will you stroke my hair
Can I stay there til’ I sleep
And remain til’ I wake

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Transitioning from Piscean Age to Aquarian Age

Integration of Spirit into Matter
Piscean/Aquarian Age

Although there is debate on the exact dates of the shift from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age, it does not change the fact that we are transitioning into Aquarian Age. Within the Piscean Age, energies where denser and it was necessary for healing to use a mediator, healer, or teacher. As we move solidly into the Aquarian age each person has the ability to activate and utilize healing energies themselves. DK speaks of these shifts affecting the activation our telepathy body and all other levels of awareness until we become completely clairsentience.

Some of you who are practitioners in your fields may have noticed that it is easier than before to assist people in healing, wholeness, and awareness. Perhaps you may have noticed that as the practitioner you operate more as a coach instead of standing in the place as healer...or the person who moves or allows the energy to come into resonance. Now we open the space for the client/patient to allow for the energies to shift into wholeness and healing. Each person is responsible for their own ascension process. This does not mean that healers, teachers, and facilitators will not be needed. However, it does open a space for us to look at and consider our attachment to old paradigms.
The alignment of our planet within the galaxy and the cosmos shifts the way we utilize and access energies. DK comments on some of these shifts in association with the shift from the Ray 6 energies Devotion and Idealism into Ray 7 energy of Law and Order. DK did not write much on the influence of the rays in healing. However, it is a natural progression for energy to move differently within this shift…because the vibration that governs it is different. But those us that are alive and well as healers during this shift are experiencing the difference. Ray 7 influences the law and order of the relationship between spirit and matter. It is the ray that channels the Life Force through matter. I want to revisit this thought in a few moments.

Group Work

DK speaks of Group Work as being an important part of the Aquarian Age and of our ascension here on the planet. Next month the lecture will be much more detailed regarding DK’s writings on Group Work. But for the importance of this instruction we will touch on Group Work as it applies to moving into a new paradigm in our healing framework that is in alignment with the movement of energy from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age.

We are being drawn intuitively to our groups- those people who will support us through the upcoming changes in human consciousness and awareness as our planet ascends. It is important for those that we join and align with to be unified so that the work that is done within that group or framework can go out into the world affecting healing and positive change. However, without solidification and alignment within the group we inhibit the depth of healing we can invoke for ourselves and others and the world as a whole.


Meditation opens the body, the mind, and the soul to invite in spiritual knowing. Meditation offers the invitation for the soul to integrate with the body. Now, revisiting the statement I made earlier that Ray 7 influences the law and order of the relationship between spirit and matter. It is the ray that channels the Life Force through matter.
Now is the time to integrate our knowledge into matter. There can be a big disconnect between high spiritual knowing, knowledge, and our physical form. The top 3 centers can be full of this spiritual knowledge and through belief we actually inhibit our ability to integrate it into the lower centers. This prevents all of the knowledge that comes from studying to integrate into form. It also inhibits the high spiritual energies from the soul and higher from integrating into the heart and then moving into the lower centers so that it can be accessed through the sacral center and brought into the world of form or manifested in reality. This integration of spirit into matter is a very important part of our growth both personally and as a group


So, how do we do let go of old paradigms, integrate our own souls and spiritual knowing into our bodies, align and creating harmony within our groups …
The word is ALLOW.

BREATH – through breath we can shift our consciousness

TRUST – Take that first step in trust every day by centering into the heart

COMPASSION – Utilize this energy of compassion ~ it goes hand in hand with self acceptance.

Meditation assists each of us aligning with our soul, heart, and body so that we can utilize the energy of RAY 7 to integration spirit into matter. Then we will open a space for group solidification and unification so that the collective knowing of all in the group can be utilized by each individual in their own unique expression of it. The group alignment allows for us to acknowledge this shift from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age by recognizing that group work is important.