Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Syzygy Process

The definition of syzygy in the broadest terms is a kind of unity, especially through coordination or alignment, most commonly used in an astronomical sense. It is used to describe the alignment of three or more celestial bodies in the same gravitational system along a line. Usually this term is used in context with the Sun, Earth and the moon or another planet. However, in the world of energy healing, I have come to experience and facilitate a Syzygy Process. This allows for the alignment of the body, mind, and spirit in a very gentle fashion. Clients have described the process as very relaxing. Their awareness moves outside of this reality in such a way that allows me access all levels of their being so that this alignment process can be completed.

The first time I had an experience with the Syzygy Process was with a business man I had been working with for some time. The session was “normal” enough but as I lead G into deeper and deeper relaxation things became more complicated and specific in the instructions I was receiving in the facilitation of the session. He was directed to breathe deeply into the heart center. Four things happened and in my recollection I can’t remember in what order they occurred.

The light body became separate from the physical body and stood next to me for the majority of the session as the physical body lay on the table. My hands were on the heart and right shoulder of the physical body. A holographic projection moved out from the center ring of the heart in the light body. The center ring of the heart projected a gold ball or core that looked like a star or Sun. It expanded in all directions and became very large. From the center violet flame inside the light body, which is located in the center of the head, a different celestial body was projected. This looked more like a crystal orb which is the spiritual level with a bright white light in the center of it –smooth, translucent, and an expansive surface. From the core of the light body, a violet denser celestial body was projected. This had more of a feeling like a planet. This celestial body represented the manifestation of spirit in dense physical form. There were now three holographic projections coming from G’s light body.

It was strange to hold 5 levels of dimensions of reality in my mind at the same time: Physical reality with the body beneath my hand; astral with the light body standing next to me; the spiritual level of the reality of the crystal orb; and the heart level with the expansive Sun and the core level with the projection of the planet.

Then something interesting happened. I will attempt to describe it. From the core of the heart celestial star body, the violet flame crystal orb celestial body and the planet began to align with each other. It was as if a line of gold energy was flowing out from the core of the Sun into the crystal orb and into the planet. But the line did not stay stationary. They aligned for a moment. Then the planet was pulled “through” the core of the sun and expelled out the other side as the crystal celestial body was simultaneously pulled “through” the core of the sun and expelled out the other side. So the crystal orb and the planet traded places and as they both passed through the center of the Sun (aka heart center), all center points of all cores of the celestial bodies aligned on top of each other within the same space. So the alignment of the cores of all bodies was also experienced. It wasn’t just all three aligning in a line…the cores aligned on top of each other…like a synchronization of multi-dimensions of reality.

After this Syzygy Process was complete, the violet flame crystal orb celestial body collapsed within the center of the inner light within the head near or within the pineal gland of the light body. The planet also was pulled back within the center of the core of the home of the inner self into the sacral center. The Sun was collapsed into the center or the center of the core of the heart. The light body then reintegrated within the physical body of the client and the session was complete.

Now, after facilitating my first Syzygy Process it began to happen more frequently. I have led maybe half a dozen sessions now that I would classify as a Syzygy Process. They do vary slightly based on the early preparations within the session. Sometimes the light body is separated from the physical body during this process and sometimes not. Sometimes the celestial bodies align and then merge into each other with all core centers aligned within the same space and look super imposed over themselves. In size, the planet or core of the dense body is the smallest…just like a planet is smaller than the Sun. The Sun is then smaller than the Crystal Orb Celestial body.

Another session that is clear in my mind where I facilitated a Syzygy Process the client described her experience as being completely unable to hear, see, or feel anything that was occurring within the treatment room. I interpret this to mean her consciousness moved out into the expansive multi-dimensions of herself, completely outside of this reality and its limitations with time, space, and density.

My interpretation of this Syzygy Process associated with my work is that we are being asked at the level of our soul to fully embody who we are into all levels of our being and density. Spiritual knowledge and understanding is not enough. Thinking we are nothing but this physical form attached to this reality will prevent us from moving into the New Earth. We must integrate all of the spirit or soul into our physical form in this moment of now. There cannot be a disconnect between the body and the soul. The I AM that is held at the center of the heart is the key to this integration process. I am watching closely as I work with these new energies. I am being asked to follow my intuitive knowing over my training and what is written regarding energy healing. The new energies that are available are expansive and are so gentle in comparison with the old energies that were used in facilitating healing. However, I long for understanding of the mind to compliment the inner knowing of my heart.