Monday, April 26, 2010

Relationship Energy Alert

We are being called to redefine relationships. Who am I? How do I relate to myself? How do I relate to those I love?
This may sound wonderful and exciting. But the reality is much more difficult to navigate.
Perhaps you have noticed that you may have said something like, “I just want my relationships to go back to the way they were!” or “What use to work to fix things is only making matters worse.”
Who we are is changing. We are being called to love ourselves in a way we never have before. In this, all of our relationships around us are changing. It may feel like they aren’t changing for the better.
We get to let go of everything we thought we knew about our relationship with ourselves and those we love. We get to let go of how we have defined our relationships. We are bumping up against many old paradigms that are being cleared out of humanity at a cellular level. We can choose to fight against it with much resistance and pain or embrace it with ease and grace.
Well easier said than done, because it feels like our lives our falling apart at the seams. It looks like and feels like our relationships are in total breakdown. It is deceptive because it looks like the hiccup in communication is showing up in the other person. The reality is this shift is occurring within our own hearts and souls.
Join me for a group clearing and healing to assist in this transition and transformation at our very core. So easily and gracefully we can embrace who we are and learn to love ourselves in a way that we haven’t yet realized.
$35 per person
7:30 pm
April 28th 2009