Monday, February 28, 2011

Freedom from my Inner Prison

I ran across this article today while looking for information written by a journalist in Austin, Texas. Tanya Martinez’s article Are Spiritual Healers different from you? inspired me to really just put it out there what I'm going through and what  the limiting beliefs that are holding me back right now and where I am being catapulted toward. There are three really big ones.

1. "I have to sell out myself and who I really am to survive."

2. "If I honor who I really am, if I really own it then I will lose everything I currently have"

3. "I have this deep in inner conviction that I have to honor it, it comes up from so deep inside of me I have to honor who I really am no matter the cost but I don't know the first step."
I don't have the knowledge at the ego  level or  at the mind level to know how to release myself from my own inner prison of judgments and expectation of what I cling  to as my identity and what I assume others expect out of me, my own projections of my identity onto those that are closest to me.

I recognize that from that deep inner knowing place that those that are closest to me are a true gift. I'm in complete gratitude to them for being able to illuminate and bring my awareness and my attention to these limitations.  I have discovered through the conflict of relationships that they are also going through or experiencing the same core issue.  That core issue it is the desire to be free truly free.

In my work as a spiritual healer and energy facilitator, I have been working for several years through different techniques including meditations, visualizations, affirmations, and other spiritual processes such as Shamanic healing techniques to open myself and my clients to our divine presence and integrate our soul into matter.

After working with this integration process, here we are now with the conscious knowing that we get to be who we really are!

So now what?

The next major energetic shift that will hit the planet is in mid April.  What does that mean?  For me it means yet another major shift in our consciousness and our awareness.  The planet Herself and all of the energies that support this reality and the ascension of human consciousness have led us to this point.

I am right here in the struggle with myself, my friends, my family, and my clients to shed this next layer and expand into fully into myself without the limitations of our own inner prison.

After my meditation today, I feel very connected to my inner knowing in a way that linked it up so I could actually think it. So what is next?  Without sounding too cliché, trust that I'm exactly where I am supposed to be on the path ready to let go of the limitations of my own mental prison and shed its next layer so that I may be truly free to be me.